"Lady House" brand can not think of only can not buy

China · Shenzhen City, Ladies House Clothing Co., Ltd adhering to the "beautiful woman's life," business philosophy, the main "Ladies House" brand series of apparel and bedding, set design, manufacture and marketing as one; built three large garment manufacturing plants , Has a large number of professional elite, with a profound corporate culture.


“淑女屋”品牌 只有想不到没有买不到的

"Ladies House" unique style, excellent quality, unique in similar brands, a young women who embrace the brand. Lady's House has developed into a well-known apparel company dominated by "Lady's House", which integrates design, production and sales. It owns the "Little Ladies and John" children's clothing, the ladies ' house for youth, the "Fairyfair" Casual wear "natural element" ladies house bedding and other brands.

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