Korean street people are very good at exotic tastes

This site on July 14 hearing, South Korea's street tide how to dress up, and our Chinese mm are how much difference? Come on for a review.

Talented: This tanned couple is very loved and does not deliberately wear the same style, but uses the same elements to emphasize the existence of love. The horizontal stripe socks at the ankles of the male athletes echoes the maxi dress of the long strips of the girls. The pair is in place at almost every point. Both the boys' scarves and the girls' hats are the finishing touches. Have to mention, in fact, look at the posted men, may wish to also try to tie your shirt, as long as you can wear stovepipe pants, the effect should not be bad.

Talented: This unsaturated red, blue, and white is definitely a risky attempt to be talented. Each item is a retro look, but it is not a hot style. If there is not a certain gas field pressure group together, or if there is no such fierce face, the sweetness will eventually become a nightmare for Bunbu. Therefore, sometimes trying a variety of styles is commendable, but the earlier it is better for you, the better.

Talented: Who says gaga-style hairstyles must be dyed blond? In Asia, black can also become gaga! One is black, white is only dotted in subtle areas. It is not difficult to challenge the geometric shape of the costume, but it requires a certain amount of height support. Do you want to try it?

Talented: The inconceivable shape of Pop's color is very good for catching people's attention when walking on the streets. However, it is a matter of opinion if you want to say how these collocations match. Suit shirt with Harem pants plus flip flops, buckle a certain dome hat, it does not look good, but it also has a hint of humor. The person behind him will not say anything. In fact, how to wear love is their own thing. If someone in Hangzhou is to wear it like this, talented people will be very happy. At least, it shows that everyone's acceptance has increased and a hundred flowers have blossomed.

Talented: chalk-colored girl! Geometric pink and blue color umbrella skirt, with nostalgic military boots, showing a little pink candy socks is very nice! Light-colored short denim jacket with white t, fruit green stripe cloth, blue candy earrings between ears! One can be refreshing, and even hair is pretty pretty and pleasant.

Talented: khaki-colored umbrella-shaped windbreaker coupled with a shoulder bag with a wide-brimmed back, a little taste for explorers. 9 points trousers coupled with gartered red flat boots, age-reduction effect is really 100%! Didn't think that military style can be so cute?

Talented: Yin Yang head! Thick shoes! With a little red dotted gray system, if this body is a small size again, a small packet twisted in the street, there will be thought that bryanboy ran South Korea......

Talented: geometric pattern of black and white t even if there is no other decoration, it will definitely not make people feel monotonous. The 9-point inverted-cone pants are not the style of the body, but it fits in with such street style. The glasses and ear studs fit well with the humorous taste of the cucurbit. It would be nice to pick another shoe. Always so lazy?

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