Ji Fu Mei adjustable underwear beautiful figure lasting protection

Ji Fu Mei underwear is a complete industry chain with a comprehensive industrial group! Is a powerful guarantee for successful agents. Ji Fu Mei Underwear is a modern enterprise specialized in the design, production and marketing of underwear. The leading products include bras, underwear, thermal underwear, seamless body underwear, home wear, sleepwear and swimwear Underwear products, including the adjustment underwear for the company's flagship product.


Ms. Chen, the founder of "Ji Fu Mei" brand underwear , has been operating underwear for more than 20 years and has basically gone through most of the development of underwear in China. With "Ji Fu Mei" brand serving at least 10 customers a day, customers have reached 100,000 or more, so "Ji Fumei" for different ages, different fats, different segments, different thoracic women have a good understanding.

姬芙美调整型内衣 美丽身段持久保障

Now "Ji Fumei" unified image, unified price, unified distribution, unified service, unified management of underwear chain stores have been spread all over the Guangzhou Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street to the Asian fashion shopping mall are all the best square, "Ji Fumei underwear chain has been For customers to choose the right underwear, to protect the breast, correct defects, improve posture, highlight the fashion sexy and service.

"Professional underwear, professional services," "Ji Fumei" effect underwear by the customer's favorite and repeat purchase.

company culture

Business objectives: joining the preferred chain brand

Business philosophy: pragmatic, honest, the pursuit of excellence

Business purposes: professional underwear, professional services

Advertising terms: beautiful figure, lasting protection

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