Introduction to Yushanzi's purchase

Jade developed to modern times, its value preservation and appreciation must be obvious to everyone. In fact, the economic value of jade is affected by the advantages and disadvantages of jade, the history of the age, the craftsmanship of the sculpture and the market, especially The purchase of Yushanzi was also affected, because Yushanzi’s size is relatively large, so it is more difficult to purchase.


The purchase of Yushanzi is mainly based on the size of the original stone and the quality of the material. As the variety of jade continues to expand, the price of expensive jade such as Hetian jade and jade is more expensive. Therefore, the purchase of raw materials from Yushanzi is the first consideration. the elements of. In the collection of investment in Yushanzi, the level of jade, a large size, good jade quality Yushanzi is the first choice.

In addition to the purchase of Yushanzi, the engraving process of Yushanzi, the theme of carving and the meaning of auspiciousness are all important parts of jade price. The human background behind the carving process is the added value of jade, that is, engraving. people. In the same volume, the carving process is exquisite, the meaning is good, and it is from the hands of the master. The value of Yushanzi is bound to be high.

The scarcity of raw materials has also intensified the price change of Yushanzi. In recent years, the appreciation of jade articles has made people aware of the collection of jade articles. With the increase of jade consumer groups, Yushanzi has become more and more popular. However, jade investment has certain risks. As long as the Yushanzi in hand is good, you don't have to worry about becoming a “junk stock”.

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