Identification of sheep fat jade

Must meet five aspects, namely pure texture, fine structure, water head, color sheep white, oily weight.

1. Pure texture - the mineral content of tremolite in sheep fat jade reaches 99%.

The sheep fat jade exists in the most perfect part of the wall rock alteration. When the granodiorite is in contact with dolomite, a series of contact metamorphic rocks are formed, and the dolomite becomes dolomite marble. The late magmatic hydrothermal fluid along the dolomite marble tectonic fissure channel is metamorphic to form tremolite.

The surrounding rock erosion is transformed into three kinds of lithofacies of dolomite marble-tunnelized petrochemical dolomite marble-metamorphic rock, and the sheep fat jade is found in the tremolite rock facies.

The hardness of sheep fat white jade is 6~6.5, second only to jadeite. The toughness and wear resistance are the strongest in jade, the texture is dense and the chemical properties are extremely stable.

2, the structure is fine - the tremolite in the sheep fat jade is microscopic fibrillar crystallized crystals and aggregates, the crystal size of the tremolite can be determined under electron microscope and optical microscope, the tremolite fiber in the sheep fat jade The length (longitudinal) is 0.033-0.01 mm, and the width (transverse direction) is 0.0006-0.001 mm. These microscopic, fluffy, felt-like tremolite crystals are intertwined to form a pile-like structure, a felt-like structure, and an interwoven structure.

Microscopic, fluffy, felt-like tremolite crystal aggregates, characterized by orthogonal polarized light, do not exhibit uniform extinction at the same angle.

3, water head foot - water head, spirit land is the name of jade transparency, in tremolite jade often from the thickness of 2mm as the standard, white jade in this standard is translucent - opaque, the head of the sheep fat jade shows translucent shape.

4, the color is sheep fat white - sheep fat white is not pure white, but white with oily luster, some in white can reveal a slight yellow, poor texture can also reveal a slight shallow in white Gray tone.

5, oily weight - sheep fat jade in the process of people's palms constantly touch, self-contained, on the surface of jade produces a "oily" feeling, in some Hetian fine white jade also has this phenomenon, when the sheep fat jade pendant In the water, the jade body is lifted, and the dripping water is not sticky. Therefore, the oily heavy sheep fat is also excellent, and the so-called cotton, which is toughness.


The best quality jade in China is the "Yangzhiyu" of Xinjiang Hetian. Its color is white, the texture is fine, the structure is dense, firm and not brittle. Chinese folks believe that wearing jade can not only play a decorative role but also achieve fitness effects, as well as the meaning of "good luck, longevity, peace, good fortune".

Yangzhiyu: The most precious white jade in seed jade is sheep fat jade, which is like white fat. At present, 1 kg of sheep fat jade is worth more than 600,000 yuan. The real sheep fat jade, not only white if the fat, and never against the green, its oil is extremely high, not the general color to reach the sheep fat grade of mountain or child jade can rival. The high difficulty of the sheep fat jade and its rarity can be said that now is rich, and it is not always possible to buy the refined sheep fat jade.

Nowadays, most of them claim to be sheep fat jade, in fact, most of them are high-white mountain jade or son jade. For example, the so-called "goat fat jade" that is often seen on the market, if not skinned, is mostly high-white mountain material.

Maintenance jade has the following main points:

1. Avoid bumping with hard objects. The jade is easily broken after being hit. Sometimes the naked eye does not see cracks, but the molecular structure in the jade surface has been damaged, resulting in dark cracks, which will appear for a long time, greatly impairing its perfection and collection value.

2. Avoid dust and oil as much as possible. If there is dust on the surface of the jade, it should be cleaned with a soft brush; if dirt or oil stains are attached to the jade surface, it can be washed with warm soapy water and then washed with water. Never use chemical degreasers. For the heavily contaminated old jade, professional companies that produce and clean jade can use professional ultrasonic cleaning and maintenance.

3. Jade pendants should be placed when not in use. It is best to put them in jewelry bags or jewelry boxes to avoid bruises.

4. Avoid contact with perfume, chemicals, soap or human sweat. Because the jade is exposed to too much sweat, it will be eroded and the outer layer will be damaged, affecting the original vividness. Jade, sheep fat white jade, more avoid sweat and grease, after wearing, wipe with a soft cloth.

5. Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. Jade sun exposure will explode when heated, and the molecular volume will increase, which will affect jade. In particular, crystals, agates, etc. are subject to high heat and burst, so it is more difficult to approach the heat source.

6. An environment that is too dry tends to evaporate water, thereby damaging the quality of jade.

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