Hubei Establishes First Textile Industry Research Association

Hubei Establishes First Textile Industry Research Association

On May 10, the founding conference of the first textile industry development research meeting in Hubei Province and the first member congress was held at Wuhan Textile University. More than 300 representatives from various levels of the province, including leaders, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs attended the meeting.

As the first academic organization of the textile industry in Hubei Province, Hubei Textile Industry Development Research Association is different from other provincial textile industry associations or textile economic research associations. This research meeting is a mass academic organization that specializes in research from the perspective of textile industry development. It aims at the textile industry's gradual decline in recent years, backward industrial layout, lack of innovation awareness and industrial planning. Supported by academics, the connection between university research and enterprise applications, the simultaneous development of enterprise structure and engineering technology, and the combination of soft science and hard technology promote the development of the textile industry in Hubei.

Wei Yiliang, president of the newly elected president and president of Wuhan Textile University, said that the establishment of the Hubei Textile Industry Development Research Association is a filling of the current gap in the study of Hubei's textile economy. In recent years, China's textile trade volume is relatively large, but brand marketing is less than In foreign countries, talent training is required from the aspect of brand marketing. China's textile industry is very large and has its own operating rules that require research. From a school perspective, the advantages of Wuhan Textile University are in the field of textile disciplines. National level platforms include national engineering laboratories and national key laboratories, and the provincial organization Hubei Textile Engineering Association has also been transferred to schools for soft science research. Conditions can further promote the development of the school.

Professor Chao Chaoyang, one of the sponsors of the seminar and dean of the school’s accounting school, said that the Hubei Textile Industry Development Research Institute will work in four areas. The research of the project tackles issues related to financial and cultural issues in the management of the entire textile industry in Hubei Province and publishes relevant topics; education and training, relies on research organizations, and associates experts in various fields, including technical experts and management experts. , First-line employees conduct training to improve professional quality; provide management consulting, and provide consulting services based on research and analysis of corporate member units; policy reference; information obtained through research and analysis of research results for government decision-making reference. At the same time, the Hubei Textile Industry Development Research Institute will not only provide technical support for the textile industry in Hubei, but also provide support throughout the country and become an important think tank for the Chinese textile industry.

It is reported that the Hubei Textile Industry Development Research Association is a corporate legal person, and it was set up spontaneously by the Hubei textile industry theoretical researcher and the actual staff of the company. At present, there are 336 members including the business community and academia, and resources are shared among members. development of. Non-profit, non-political and independent.

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