Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy receive the microblogging show love Zhou Dasheng jewelry club?



On the afternoon of May 27th, Huang Xiaoming got a marriage certificate on Weibo, and Yang Ying (AngelaBaby) also forwarded it. The “Sponge Couple” officially became a husband and wife. This is not only a second-time microblogging search, but also a large number of stars. Blessings from friends and fans. I took a photo of the wedding photo and the wedding plan was held in October this year. In addition to the blessing, everyone will guess what kind of wedding dress Angelababy will choose to go to the wedding red carpet? If you must tear the famous brand at the wedding site, what kind of wedding dress is more suitable? From their wedding photos, the simple and slim lace wedding dress may be a good choice for the bride's dress. Naturally, it is necessary to think about the "inadvertent" show of wedding ring styles, and how this sweet and sweet two people will choose, so we can not help but boldly guess!

In May 2009, Huang Xiaoming and AngelaBaby met each other through a friend of the basin. In October, there was an affair, and then the relationship between the two was completely unreserved and responded for five years, but on February 28, 2014, at Baby 25 years old. On the birthday, for the first time, the hand-in-hand show sweet and formal public love. On the same day, Huang Xiaoming said that he could not go to the scene in Taiwan, but he secretly bought a sports car to let the agent lie to Baby. When Baby stepped out of the restaurant to "open the gift", After pulling the car cover, a super sports car worth more than 2.3 million yuan Lamborghini appeared. Even more pleasantly surprised, Huang Xiaoming, who was supposed to be in Taiwan, was sitting in a sports car holding a large bunch of flowers, which made Yang Ying (AngelaBaby) touched tears.

Since the public love, the couple have opened the mode of show love, the microblogging on each other, the event is sweet, out of the street holding hands... finally show another year of love after the award The happy ending. In a word, Xiaobian, I believe in love, as for the wedding ring or something, whether it is Tiffany six-prong set diamond ring, or Cartier diamond ring, or Rose Dior Bagatelle ring, etc., we wait Well, hey, I really want to go up and recommend next week's Dasheng jewelry, so baby is a spokesperson...

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