How to prevent the roller from going around during the ripening period?

It is more common to leave the rollers without handling the rollers when they get on the car. Especially in the four hours, the rollers are slightly worse. The rollers are slightly better, but they also have a phenomenon of winding around after the end of the cycle. The powder coating is more ideal for this situation. According to the instructions for use, the powder coating is placed on a glass plate, and evenly dispersed in a powder layer. The rubber roller is rolled back and forth on the powder so that the surface of the powder roller is coated with paint, so that the surface treatment can smoothly pass through the ripening period. Does not affect the performance of non-treatment roller, because the powder coating will quickly fall off (especially in the run off the yarn faster), when the powder coating off the surface of the roller, the roller walk I spent it. In addition, the use of rubber roller cleaner before boarding can also reduce the number of windings.