How to care for crystal bracelet

Crystals, etc. It is best not to sleep, gems and crystals can absorb negative energy, so that the wearer can be safe, it absorbs negative energy during the day, it takes time to recover, just like charging the mobile phone and formatting the disk In the same way, the gemstones and crystals should be placed in the crystal clusters or crystal holes, so that the stones and crystals can rest well. Furthermore, when people are sleeping, the subconscious mind opens and feels high. When the gemstone and crystal are worn on the body, the energy may become abnormally large, which may easily cause the wearer to suffer from insomnia. Therefore, it is best to degauss the crystal for sleep. Also take a break together!

The crystal cluster and the crystal hole also have the effect of degaussing. The most convenient method of degaussing is to place the crystal on the crystal cluster and the crystal hole, so that the crystal cluster and the crystal hole emit the endless vibration force, and the impurities in the crystal are removed. Recharge it. This method is clean and neat, go home every night, take off the crystal ornaments, hang on the crystal clusters and crystal holes, wear it back the next day, become a habit for a long time, just like you take a bath every day, no trouble. Of course, the larger the volume of the crystal cluster or the crystal hole, the better the degaussing effect. Do not degauss the ten or more crystal ornaments on the palm-like clusters. Sorry, it can't stand it. The crystal cluster and the crystal hole themselves are automatically charged to resolve the negative energy function. Generally, there is no need for additional degaussing cleaning, and the state itself can maintain the best state. Of course, if there is time, the crystal cluster and the crystal hole are placed. It will be more beautiful when it is sun-dried or sprayed with water.

All crystals should be degaussed after purchase, because the crystals you purchased have been touched by many people before you reach them. Numerous messages have been stored in them, which may be mixed with some negative Sexual messages such as greed, sadness, anger and illness.

Whether you use crystal as a thing, display or use the power of crystal, you need to clean the crystal before you can use it effectively. Because the crystal is from the moment of mining to your hands, and through different people on the way, Crystal will fully record their thoughts, luck and physical condition. So we have to clear all the records first to enter our own information. When you use the crystal in this way, you will not be affected by the predecessors. Cleaning can be called degaussing, purification, and has a variety of ways, Linlin various, different methods. Now let us introduce the easiest and most used method for friends.

1. Brine cleaning method. Use mineral water or distilled water, dilute the brine with water and put the crystals into the dipping overnight. Wash the excess salt with water and immerse it in the sun for 2 to 3 hours. The energy of crystal can be used to the maximum effect.

2. White crystal cluster cleaning method. The white crystal cluster is a group of crystal columns that grow together, including fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. They use their own energy to help each other, so that they can exert the maximum energy and produce cleaning effect. We use this energy to clean our individual crystal.

3. Ultraviolet light cleaning method. It is also possible to achieve the easiest cleaning method by placing the crystal in the sun for 4 to 5 hours. However, remember that the amethyst cannot be dried for too long and avoid changing the color of the amethyst for too long.

4. Aromatherapy cleaning method. Aromatherapy can be used to clean the crystal, so that its energy can be reborn. Apply small tips: use the crystals you use and use, avoid touching or wearing them.

Do not place the crystal on the computer, TV and audio combination. Unless you use the crystal to absorb the radiation, the crystal will be greatly reduced in function and the color will be reduced.

Be kind to crystal, the life and body of the crystal will be hurt by your improper collection, especially the tip. Please do not place the crystals at random. If you don't need crystal assistance for a while, pack them in a safe place.

If you find that the energy of the crystal is not broken or broken, and the crystal is buried in nature, such as the beach and the suburbs, please don't fall into the garbage bin at will, because we hope that the crystal can re-enter the embrace of nature and have a day of regeneration. .

The crystal used for treatment should be cleaned after each use. The choice of crystal should be based on the intuition of the self, but also inductive. When you buy for others, you can think of the image of your friend first, and the crystal that suits it will appear naturally.

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