How the street with eye-catching candy color chiffon T-shirt with printing pants

Summer is bound to be a season of blooming herd, but also a wave of beauty decay season. How to stand out in the flowers, how to earn enough money to keep pace, fashion dressing, summer girls compulsory. Candy-colored T-shirts with printing pants, so that you instantly become a fashionista, interpretation of the new era of urban tide Fan children.


Pink t-shirts, simple retro style, classic stand-collar, self-cultivation version of the curve will be the perfect upper body out. With a self-cultivation of printed pants, the trend of the nine points, modified the legs of the lines, elongated body proportions, retro printing, interpretation of the full charm.

街头怎么搭配惹眼  糖果色雪纺T恤搭配印花裤

Dark green, add a touch of summer vitality, sleeveless version, light fabric, comfortable texture, suitable for all types of girls. Irregular clothes pendulum, highlights the unique clothes. Belt good outline of the waist line. Pants with the same nine-section models, eye-catching fashion. With a pair of high heels, full of temperament.

Photo credit: NI Er wheat Women

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