Hayes Moore bio-based fiber materials lead the trend of China's fiber lead

2014/2015 China Fiber Trends was officially released on the 3rd of China International Textile and Accessories Fair (Spring-Summer) 2014. Hayes Moore's bio-based fiber is well received by industry leaders and professional audiences. Hayesmore booth design closely linked to the theme of the show, the overall design of marine elements, highlighting the biomass functional fiber Hayesmore in many areas of research and development and application.


Hayesmore booth attracted many viewers to stay

Duan Xiaoping, president of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, pointed out at the conference: "As the source of textiles, fiber has always played a rather simple role. According to the consumption habits of the general public, it is very difficult to integrate the raw materials of fiber and the current 'brand' Popular, fashion, etc. However, it turns out that fiber not only has a brand but also leads the fashion trend. The successful fiber brands such as Lycra and Modal are the best proof. "


President Wang Tiankai of Textile Industry Federation visited Heisper Hall

The development of bio-based fiber in our country started later, but the development is more rapid. At present, Hysterol pure chitosan fibers, PTT, alginate, PLA, PHA and other bio-based fibers have broken through the key technologies and some have the basis of industrial production capacity. In particular, HYSMO pure chitosan biomass fiber has been encouraged and supported by the leaders of the state and industry associations to adapt to the trend of development of the industry and take the lead in realizing industrialization and industrialization. The overall technical level has reached the international advanced level.


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