Hangzhou brand women Grace Grace Fu for the National Recruitment excellent joining agents!

Grace poetry Fu discount women's integrity and efficiency of the strength of pilot, zero to join, ultra-cheap wholesale new women's fashion, Korean version of apparel. Fashion, classic, selling models, models Madden, and franchisees and customers to provide better after-sales service . Hangzhou Grace Bud Fu apparel to create high-end discount women 2010 new women have a full listing, now Recruitment outstanding franchisees across the country , low discounts allow you to make 2010 New Year pot of gold. Grecian Fu brand discount women will create their own discount kingdom , allowing you to start a business without risk, easy to be the boss .

Original price 50-100 , price 10-15 The original price of 100-200 , the current price of 10-20

Original price 200-300 , price 20-30 Original price 300-1000 , price 40-100

Low discount: 0.5-1.5 fold, low price: 10-100 yuan, 0 cost, 0 risk, 100% exchange goods. 1 to 20,000 yuan investment , 2 to 3 times the sales profit. Headquarters complimentary business products , promotional items, promotional items , to provide store design, business guidance , logistics and distribution , holiday promotions , regional protection , returned goods , sales incentives , advertising and other strong support , opening worry-free , open the door to earn.

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