Haining Leather Public-Private Partnership to Train Leather Talents

Like many other industrial clusters in Zhejiang, the development of Haining Leather started in the family workshop. In 1926, in the town of Panshi, Haining, workers used small scissors, sticks, water tanks, and other production tools in small workshops, shanties, and simple open-air venues to make leather with a certain amount of tanned leather to form a certain scale of leather workshops.

In 1926, the Haining tannery was established. This is the first enterprise with modern industrial significance in the history of Haining leather industry.

Until 1956, many small leather workshops were public-private partnerships, and the local state-owned Haining tannery was established. It was affiliated with the Provincial Leather and Plastics Co., Ltd. of the Second Provincial Department of Light Industry. Production, supply, and sales all implemented the planned economic production model.

In the 1970s, the Haining tannery achieved a leap. In 1973, the tannery invented the pigskin suede garment leather, which received the attention of the State Ministry of Light Industry and immediately held a national 8 provinces and 1 city on-site conference in Haining to promote the production technology and experience of pigskin suede garment leather. Haining has built a rare national conference since it was established.

The invention of pigskin suede garment leather made the Haining tannery a key support unit of the Ministry of Light Industry. In 1977, the state began to invest tens of millions of yuan in large-scale technological transformation of the factory; in August 1979, it invested more than 300 yuan. Million yuan, built the first batch of leather sewage treatment stations in the country. Unconsciously, this development process has led to the training and storage of a large number of technical personnel and backbones in Haining and even the Chinese leather industry. Many of them have become leather entrepreneurs.

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