Guge investment shop recommended a wide range of pajamas living museum

Investment shop, Gu Ge recommended a wide range of pajamas living museum. Many consumers have such a buying habits, if the purchase of a good thing in a pajamas, clerk's service attitude is good, the product style can choose more types, as long as into the store can buy one at a time the products they need, then Consumers will continue for a long time in the store has been spending, especially female consumers. So, open pajamas Guge recommended diversified.

Pajamas life pavilion not only display pajamas, according to the category to also include four seasons home clothes, fun pajamas, home comfort underwear , various styles of underwear, wearing a single home pants, all kinds of decorative home accessories, etc., try to give Consumers do not have a sense of distance, affinity and fashion living museum image, not just to sell clothes in the home only.


In recent years, the demand of consumers for pajamas continues to improve, low-end pajamas can no longer meet the needs of mid- and high-end consumers, and consumers have put forward more fashionable requirements, technological requirements and quality requirements for pajamas. That pajamas industry, the quality and grade of pajamas mainly reflected in the selection of fabrics and lace, pajamas wearing uncomfortable, a great reason is because pajamas brands in order to reduce costs and poor selection of fabrics, many times at first glance, touch It looks good, but after washing the fabric easily deformed, pilling, pajamas texture worse.

投资开店 古格推荐多元化睡衣生活馆

In the past, pajamas emphasize sleep, in order to better distinguish between open-minded work in the daily life of increasingly sophisticated and personalized today, in addition to sleepwear to meet the needs of sleep, but also have the same bright as fashion clothing with fashion Design and in line with women, set off the overall style of femininity. Pajamas Life Museum, breaking the pajamas pajamas can only sell the boundaries of the Chinese market will also have a "MUJI" the same life brand, to provide you with a new lifestyle.

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