Guangxi raw silk concussion finishing, cognac continued slow cow

After a series of strong upward moves last week, the disk was slightly cautious this week, with minor fluctuations being the main form. Cognac continued to continue to slow market, the seller led the outstanding performance. The condition of the raw silk disk was relatively complicated, with consecutive signs of falling back on Monday and Tuesday, but the disk was still relatively stable and no panic sentiment was formed. Continue to adjust on Thursday and Thursday to find directions. Once again Friday was sharply higher. Maintain the strong pattern of silk screens.

Today, Cognac's stocks all closed up. In the past week, GJ12072 rose by 100 yuan to close at 97,700 yuan. There were six batches of solids to be delivered, and the total cash flow was not very smooth. GJ12093 contract rose 200 yuan, to close at 98,600 yuan, 4 batches of transactions, 90 orders. The GJ13033 contract rose by 400 yuan to close at 102,100 yuan, with 4 lots awarded. The fifth batch of silkworm cocoon harvested and dried in Yizhou, Guangxi Province, was basically completed this week. It is understood that the quality of the third to fifth batch of silk cocoons in Yizhou all performed poorly, and production may have decreased as compared with the same period of last year. Next, most of the silkworm areas have to enter the summer cut. During the period of two months or so, the cocoon's empty period has a greater support for the continuing strong market conditions.

Raw silk disk has been affected by many aspects, Lidoli space is sticky, and it is difficult to go in the short term. After a series of shocks from Monday to Thursday, there was a big rebound on Friday. SS12073 contract rose nearly 1600 yuan in the week to close at 328,000 yuan; SS12093 contract rose 4300 yuan, to close at 327400 yuan, 82 batches of transactions, order 664 batches; SS13033 contract rose 3200 yuan, to close at 333300 yuan, 212 batches of transactions, orders 1022 batch , A small amount of Masukura. Main raw silk contract opened lower today, trading concentrated in the opening half an hour later, active.

The National Bureau of Statistics of China announced that China's second quarter GDP growth slowed to 7.6%, the lowest level in three years. In the first half of the year, GDP increased by 7.8%. The slowdown in economic growth is related to the previous implementation of a proactive fiscal policy and a sound monetary policy. However, the sharp fall in the CPI in June reduced inflationary pressures. Although 7.6% growth is still higher than the target for economic growth this year, the loose economic policy is expected to follow suit.

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