GMXY2012 Winter Conference - Dream and reality are so close

June 7, 2012 GMXY held a winter conference in Hangzhou. The launch of the event, featuring magic london, explained GMXY's retro and trendy, minimalist and elegant style to consumers with a consistent style of unknowing and surprise that brought the audience a Wonderful visual feast field feast.


This conference, GMXY incredible will be the streets of London carousel moved to the show floor, against the background of the old theater feel magical London charm. When the lights, the music sounded, the Trojan turns with the music, all the fairy tales in the heart have the magic moment, so that the dreams of all girls can be realized. For the first time, reality is so close to dreams.


The entire conference revolving around the curtain of the merry-go-round and the old theater, presented GMXY2012's winter new products one by one, so as to present every audience present as if they encounter a carousel on the streets of London. GMXY2012 winter release sub-cities and women in two series. Urban series show the style of vitality and personality, with gorgeous colors and styles of mix and match to break the inherent winter silence. Women's series of leisure and intellectual performance of the style, inspired by the flowers fresh and sweet, and interpretation of the white-collar workers confident, calm, elegant intellectual temperament. GMXY hope in the heavy cold winter, still able to show a touch of unique fashion.


London is a magical city where collisions of retro and trendy, minimalist and personal, unknown and pleasant, sensitive and energetic are happening anywhere in the city. It is like our GMXY brand, like magical fashion hand-notes, all the dreams of girls, the desire to fashion collection and then let it slowly come to fruition, and melted into their own lives. GMXY has always advocated a natural leisurely lifestyle, the trend of urban life bit by bit recorded in this "influx of people living Sapporo," which. This lifestyle is not only the dream of an urban person, but a real experience in GMXY's clothing.

From the "Next Station" dream of British pastoral garden to the "London Eye" from the highest point of view, GMXY's London trip has finally come to an end in the carousel of the old theater. The magical charm of GMXY people in a long time inadvertently aftertaste. I do not know next time, GMXY will bring us how magic fashion show.

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