Glass washing machine needs maintenance in daily life

[China Glass Net] The smoothness of the cleaning machine is to prevent the gear from being necrotic due to the extreme wear of the wear machine, and the cleaning machine must be properly smoothed. Glass coating work is particularly demanding on the cleanliness of the glass. A large amount of smooth oil is not approved to enter the cleaning area, so it is necessary to choose a grease with good mechanical leisure and adhesion. The disc brush of the BENTELER washing machine adopts the reciprocating rolling, the docking of the wheels, no bearing and no need to be smooth. At the same time, the two ends of the transfer roller adopt a water-smooth and single-sided sealed bearing, and the skeleton is ineffective to prevent composition pollution. We focus on smoothing the drive chain, helical gears and drive shafts.

1 Use a plastic sheet to cut off the parts that need to be smooth and the cleaning area to prevent grease contamination.

2 Smooth the chain, gear, drive shaft chain roller and the cage surface of the chain plate.

3 pairs of drive chain and roller, make it smooth and even.

4 Wipe off excess smooth grease with a clean cotton cloth.

The calibrating washer for the transfer roller adopts the method of pin-feeding glass, the lower roller table is fixed, and the height of the upper roller table is adjusted or adjusted to ensure the uniformity of the force of the glass and the stability of the transmission. The lower roller table is driven by the drive shaft and the gears. It is necessary to regularly check the bearing in the horizontal and vertical directions. The upper roller table is held by two water-smooth plastic bearings at both ends, or it rolls silently. Because the plastic bearing uses a period of light and then wears to increase the gap, the two ends of the upper roller are not balanced, so that the original glass sheet is simply skewed in the washing machine. For the upper roller table, we increase the fixed end block clamp and measure the height change periodically. The bearing should be changed correspondingly to adjust the pressing force of the roller.

The brushing height of the inlet cleaning machine first cleans the original glass skin through a total of 132 disc brushes in three rows, and at the same time increases the liquid polishing agent to ensure that the glass skin phase can be ineffectively polished to remove strong stains. In order to make the disc brush ineffective for the glass skin phase composition, the height of the disc brush tip is generally set to 1.5 mm as follows. As the bristles of the disc wear, it is necessary to periodically lower the height of the disc to ensure the cleaning character.

The clean inlet cleaning machine for the water storage tank and the water tray adopts a three-stage water quality step-by-step cleaning and recycling method. In the lower part of the transfer station, there are five water tanks and corresponding water receiving trays for storing the washing water. Because the water itself is contaminated while cleaning the glass, it is common to gradually deposit some polishing agents and other contaminants in the water storage tank, and it is necessary to periodically wash and clean to ensure the water quality is clean.

The smooth inlet cleaning machine for the polishing agent and the water spray pipe adopts an aqueous solution of aluminum or lanthanum oxide as a polishing agent, and the water spray pipe between the upper roller passages is increased to the rolling process of the disk brush. Because the solid aqueous solution polishing agent is adopted, when the concentration is too large, the nozzle inconvenience is easily caused. When the polishing agent nozzle infarction is observed during use, the concentration of the polishing agent after dilution should be smoothed and conditioned. The polishing agent and the water spray pipe should be cleaned according to the following order.

1 Assemble the cleaning machine to stop the plate, raise the upper roller table of the washing machine, and close the power supply and water supply valve.

2Tighten the fixing bolts at both ends of the nozzle to remove the nozzle.

3 Use a high-pressure water gun to pump pure water from the inlet of the nozzle into the nozzle to form the water pressure. Check the water outlet environment of each nozzle and use a paper clip to make it clear.

4 Clean the nozzle, install it back to the original position, tighten the bolts, and be careful that the nozzle is biased to keep it clean before washing.

The clean and mediation of the air knife in the dry area of ​​the cleaning machine is equipped with high-purity water heated by the end of the water (at a temperature of 45 ° C), which is attached to the skin of the original glass, after entering the boring area, the stalk is in the air knife. The high-strength wind was blown away and volatilized. The air knife edge and the original glass location are not necessarily sharp angles. Each time you disassemble the air knife or tamper with its position, you should carefully measure its angle and remain stubborn.

1 Clean the glass debris, labels, paper jams, etc. in the dry area, and wipe the air knife, roller table and other parts with a clean cotton cloth to ensure clean.

2 Remove the low-grade filter plate and the secondary filter bag for the fan, and blow the dust inside in a compressed atmosphere to check for damage or infarction, and change it regularly.

3 Use the saw blade to plunge into the air knife edge to check whether there is a filter bag fiber and other debris incision.

Through the actual production and manufacturing of these years, we have known that as long as the maintenance and maintenance of the inlet cleaning machine is carried out regularly according to the above-mentioned times, in the environment of workmanship, the cleaning effect of the original glass film is guaranteed to a large extent. The quality of the coated glass manufacturing product is stable.

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