Glass alone, 6 cases can not be compensated

[China Glass Network] Many car friends often feel that they have insured their car for insurance loss. The window glass is also one of the components of the vehicle. Why can't the glass be broken if it is broken? In fact, the reason for this misunderstanding is that everyone does not understand the insurance terms. According to the regulations: the loss of the vehicle due to the reasons listed in the car damage insurance clause and the broken glass is a vehicle loss insurance. If the glass is only broken, it cannot be compensated. It is necessary to separately insure the glass to separate the insurance. If you do not insure the glass breakage insurance in time, the following six situations are not covered by the claim:

1 automotive glass film car glass film <br> <br> loss has become a fashion and habits of people, hundreds of thousands of dollars of high-end film is expensive. After the auto glass is broken and replaced, the film must be replaced accordingly and cannot be reused. The insurance company covers the glass alone and the glass itself is not covered by the auto glass film. Therefore, the insurance company is not liable for the loss of the film.

2 Car sunroof glass is damaged

At present, some mid-to-high-end cars are equipped with skylights, but the damage of the sunroof glass is indeed not covered by the glass alone. The glass separate breakage clause clearly states that the covered glass range includes only the front and rear windshields and window glass.

3 Logo loss on the front windshield

In the upper right corner of the front windshield of the car, there are signs such as cross-hazard, annual inspection, environmental protection, etc., and these marks are used for one-time paste. Therefore, it cannot be taken off when the front windshield is broken and replaced, let alone reused. . However, reissuing these logos will incur some costs and working hours.

This part of the loss is also not covered by the glass separate damage insurance. It is recommended to park the car in a garage or a safer parking area to prevent accidents from causing unnecessary trouble.

4 Import and domestic glass price difference

When the car owner insured the car, he must pay more attention to the insurance rules. For example, one of the glass breakage risks needs to be marked when filling out, that is, the car glass is whether it is imported glass or domestic glass. Because the rate between imported glass and domestic glass is different.

At present, some imported cars or some domestically produced high-end cars on the market, many of which use imported glass. Then, if it is imported glass, if it is insured according to domestic glass, the insurance company will compensate according to the domestic glass price, and will not compensate for the difference between the imported glass and the imported glass.

5 Loss of additional equipment in the car

Many car owners choose to install satellite navigation devices, MP3 and other electronic devices in the car. For the equipment installed by these owners, when the automobile glass is damaged by severe impact, these equipments are often damaged accordingly. Because it belongs to the newly added equipment in the car, it is not included in the standard range of the vehicle. Therefore, these are not within the compensation scope of the glass alone. However, if the owner insured the on-board baggage insurance, such loss can be paid.

6 Unexpected broken glass during maintenance

Glass damage caused during the detection, installation and maintenance of the car is also not within the scope of claims. The provisions stipulate: "The separation of glass caused by the installation and repair of the motor vehicle is an exclusive responsibility. The vehicle self-inspection should be done before the vehicle is sent to the service station, and detailed inspection should be carried out after the vehicle is repaired.

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