From twist bracelets to a set of silver jewelry

The bracelet has been passed to me, and it has been the fifth generation.

Twist bracelet silver jewelry

More than 60 years ago, grandparents married in their hometown of Shandong. Later, Grandpa came to Shenyang to make a living. At that time, Grandma’s grandmother was seriously ill, and her aunt who was only my grandmother and grandmother was taking care of her. Before the death of the old man, he secretly handed a pair of silver twist bracelets to the grandmother and grandmother.

Later, Grandpa received his grandmother from Shenyang. When the days were tough, Grandma took out the bracelet and discussed with Grandpa. "Get out and change a few dollars." Grandpa firmly refused to agree. "This is what your mother left for you, and it will be hard to move again!"

In 1985, my father and mother got married. At that time, the trend of “wearing gold and silver” was popular in the market. The newly-married mother took the old bracelet given by her grandmother and went to the jewelry store in Zhongjiekou to play a pair of rings, a pair of earrings, a necklace, a pair of bracelets, and finally there was still a piece of silver left. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the female workers in the factory began to popularize the trend of squinting. Everyone said that silver raises ears, and the old silver is the best, so the colleagues automatically put up the date, and the mother took the silver earrings... I saw a lot of beautiful jewelry, and the family members felt that they should not hit the twist bracelet. Chengxin jewelry, maybe one day, I can meet people from Shandong's hometown, and re-make the twist bracelets of the years.

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