Fresh pink color high heels to create sweet loli wind

Ben Wang, May 26 hearing, in the Louis Vuitton 2012 spring and summer show field, the entire show field is a stylish playground, when the models have walked down from the carousel, the unprecedented joy with the models on the candy Colorful costumes overflowed with a joyful atmosphere. Yes, this ice cream system is full of sweetness and relaxation.

Speaking of color, the high-purity bright colors that have been popular for months finally came to an end this season, and the fresh and matte cream color is about to occupy the entire first half of the year. Light pink, mint green, pink and blue... The light colors of each single shoe in summer are just like sweet desserts. It is an unstoppable sweet temptation and becomes the hottest item in the spring and summer sun.

Furla blue jelly fish mouth high heels
Furla blue jelly fish mouth high heels

Versus pink high heel sandals
Versus pink high heel sandals

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