French women's brand BERNIEELEN Bernie Yin strong settled in Xuzhou, Jiangsu

BERNIEELEN Buri Si Yin ladies continue to keep up, a few days ago the French women's brand BERNIEELEN Boniface strong settled in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Women's brand from France will bring the local consumers what kind of fashion surprise it? The new store has been opened, all kinds of surprises waiting for you to reveal Oh.

伯妮斯茵 - BERNIEELEN 法国女装品牌BERNIEELEN伯妮斯茵强势入驻江苏徐州

When you have not yet entered the storefront, you will be BERNIEELEN Burney Yan women's store image deeply attracted. Simple design concept, the perfect division of the overall store; humane regional distribution, elegant decoration to enhance the store's bright and clean. A variety of decorations are fully demonstrated BERNIEELEN Burnsin brand style. Has always been prominent in the main cashier BERNIEELEN Burnets is the use of concealed design, the presence of more sofa in the shop, providing consumers with a humane leisure area.


Into the shop, you will see the color space BERNIEELEN Burberry beauty design, romantic and chic baroque style printing, so you are placed in the gorgeous & dream space, for you to create a unique selection of places.


BERNIEELEN Each woman with a unique critical and delicate look of each work, for the love of life, fashion-loving women brought a gorgeous, show off the feeling of dress, no matter what kind of personality you are women, whether you appear in What occasion, there is always suitable for your exclusive area!

BERNIEELEN Burners Inn Xuzhou Fuguo Street store

Store Address: 28 Fuguo Street, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Burns Yin store

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