Foshan Chancheng, Zhuowei Le children's clothing store along the mall counter popular opening

Chancheng Foshan, the city of martial arts, national historical and cultural city, China world Siju, one of the four famous town, "Guangfo metropolitan area", "Guangfo Zhao economic circle", "Pearl River Delta economic circle" an important part . In August 2014, Zhuowei Le Fashion Foshan Shun Lian malls counters started a hot business, bringing to the local parents children fashion elegant, comfortable and healthy British children's clothing to enjoy, but also to the children a more colorful childhood! Foshan Shunlian International Shopping Center, covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​45,000 square meters, is located in Foshan Business and Finance Center area, near a large number of financial, enterprises and shopping malls, a strong business climate, positioning as an international brand leader Boutique department store to promote "boutique department store, wonderful life" as the goal. I sincerely wish Shun International Shopping Center Zhuowei Le counter business booming, career soar! Zhuowei Le children's clothing into the summer, signed after joining the customer after another; in the terminal market, the rapid rise of consumer enthusiasm, praise constantly. In the next 2 months, throughout the country will have more Zhuo Weirle children's clothing stores opened one after another, set off a trend of British fashion children's clothing! Zhuo Wei Le rapid growth of children's clothing, Zhuowei is the result of hard work, but also the performance of sincere cooperation with dealers, but also the majority of consumer support favorite perfect embodiment! August 23 to August 25, Zhuowei Le children's clothing spring and summer 2015 new orders will be opened as scheduled, we will be a children's clothing feast welcome to guests from all over the country, the Zhuo Wei all my colleagues show their hard work to the scene Audience, Zhuowei Le children's clothing every perfect fashion quality children's clothing dedicated to all children! "Fun Road - Zhiyuan", Zhuowei Le spring 2015 spring and summer children's clothing order will enter the countdown, children's clothing feast of the curtain is about to open, so stay tuned!

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