Flat shoes high heels are preferred during non-pregnancy

[This site - shoes and life] A few days ago, actor Sun Wei uploaded a three-piece seaside vacation photo on Weibo, and revealed that he had become pregnant again and he would immediately have a "second-bao" message. At the same time, drying out their own belly photo, attracted the attention of users. On February 19, Sun Hao wearing a pink dress to attend the event. She had just announced that she was pregnant again. She was not afraid of danger. She was fine with high-heeled shoes. Carefully walking up the steps made her sweat.

Normal people wear high heels are very easy to fatigue, and women often swollen feet during pregnancy, and difficult to fit with high heels, wear it easier to feel unwell. Bai Hua, chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the People's Hospital of Liaoning Province, introduced that wearing high-heeled shoes by pregnant women is not only easy to cause back pain and fatigue, and the walking path is not steady. It may result in miscarriage or premature delivery, and the pelvic tilt may change. To a degree affect the fetal position, unfavorable to the fetus. Some pregnant women during pregnancy may be detected in some parts of the blood vessels with thrombosis, easily lead to postpartum "venous congestion" and other life-threatening conditions, and high-heeled shoes during pregnancy can easily affect blood circulation, so that this situation is aggravated, Therefore, it is recommended not to wear high heels as much as possible. In fact, it's good for pregnant women to dress up nicely and have a good mood. It's also a good thing for pregnant women. Therefore, for the expectant mothers who love beauty, wearing high heels less than 5 cm in short time under the premise of ensuring safety is not necessary, but it must be close. Grasp your feelings and avoid accidents.

In addition to high heels, flat shoes are not the best choice for pregnant women. Many flat shoes lack support, and vibrations can be transmitted directly to the feet when walking. It can also cause fatigue, leg pain, and back pain. Pregnant women usually wear two or three centimeters of soft soft flat heels, which is comfortable and safe. It is good for both mother and baby. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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