FC women spring and summer show the lens of the new fashion

Experienced and seen so many things, it should become more style and taste. Do not vicissitudes, even if one day live to sedentary do not, because the vicissitudes of life is too desolate, there is no vitality. To be full of vitality of flowers and trees, fresh and gorgeous as the fields generally fresh, to be young, to be elegant, the most important thing is to have great love. The real beauty is living outside the world.

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Slim was thin stitching H word skirt. Upper body simple black shirt, shoulder flower design elegant and moving. Spliced ​​lower body spot leopard print, with a hint of wild. Waist bow embellishment is not only beautiful but also cover the belly meat.

FC女装春夏新品 呈现镜头里的时尚

Fold process of the straight skirt, neat and tidy folds, rich sense of texture while enhancing the fullness of dresses, filling the elegant. Classic round neck, revealed the sexy clavicle, and beautify the face neck lines, showing a delicate rich woman flavor.

FC女装春夏新品 呈现镜头里的时尚

Pink H word skirt, in the body made a special compression pleating treatment, looks full of flu, wear comfortable. Suede flowers are very texture, suede elegant luster, pearl chain dignified and generous, elegant dress with a charming, very feminine yo.

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