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Environmentally friendly clothing brand is not just the clothing itself will not pollute the environment, but also advocate a clean and healthy environment, a healthy lifestyle. So as to affect more consumers to promote environmental protection. As our female consumer spending the most important apparel, if you can start from the environment, then I believe more women can have a healthy life!

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With the improvement of living standards of consumers, people are increasingly high demand for clothing, green clothing will undoubtedly become the new darling of the future of the apparel market, major brands are also environmentally friendly clothing products in brewing, St. flag Road Fashion Co., Ltd.'s wire Foka brand women, Dongguan Changping for the production base, relying on Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, four design and development center, combined with the popular elements of Europe, the United States, Hong Kong and Macao, with elegant personality as the main focus to create fashion brand advocate environmental protection and health wearing Philosophy, leading a new fashion life.

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Silk Buddha women's elegant style of living based on the positioning of the design, master the international and domestic popular elements, combined with the latest information resources, the product into the concept of environmental protection and health wearing, attention to detail and user-friendly design, emphasizing the concept of wearing health and comfort degree. Designed for 28-45 year-old advocating the pursuit of healthy living in urban natural environment and female design, has been well received!

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