Dong Wei: University graduated from the Nangong stall to sell stones (2)

"Mineral crystals are the magic of nature, diverse combinations, multiple color changes, regular geometric shapes...all people can't resist, even those who don't understand minerals at all, don't have any basic knowledge, see them too. I will be surprised to ask, 'Is this thing natural? The color is so bright? Have you ever cut it...' This kind of question. I am often asked."

Dong Wei said that knowledge of geology and mineralogy is often perfectly interpreted on a small specimen. "When you play a mineral, you may touch a history that is much longer than civilization. It may be a change in geological structure. It is a magma intrusion. It is a volcanic eruption. It is a dripping stone for thousands of years. Chinese Like jade, Westerners like gems, no matter which one, are natural treasures, magical earth created a great miracle, just like giving birth to life, the earth gave birth to beautiful mineral crystals, gem crystals and jade. All of this They are very charming. Nature and civilization are so amazing and appreciated!"

I loved my childhood, I studied at the university for four years, and now I am engaged in it, but Dong Wei, an insider in the eyes of outsiders, still said: "In fact, I can’t talk about mine crystal. I am just a very ordinary young fan, attracted by minerals. ."

This young lover has a depth that does not seem to match the identity of the post-85s: "I think mine crystal is my teacher, even a very cheap mineral crystal, it is not very good-looking, but it may be typical. Very characteristic, is a very good specimen, reflecting a kind of knowledge. I think that even the ashes-level collectors of mineral hobbies are learning like children, discovering and interpreting the rich knowledge content of mineral specimens. This is the greatest pleasure. Mounting Everest does not mean that human beings can conquer nature, but naturally shows its tolerance. Having mineral specimens does not mean that we can control it, but through it, we can once again spy on nature. The magic and beauty. I think that the true mineralogy, everyone must be constantly researching and exploring with a natural attitude."

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