Deborah blue underwear: woven with love beautiful woman from the inside out plump

Diablo Blue six values
1. Deborah blue soul: a woman from the inside out plump;
2. Deborah blue program: Let us realize a car, a room, a deposit;
3. Deborah blue mission: to create the best selling underwear brand ;
4. Deborah blue backbone: let us work together to make money;
5. Deborah contribution: to become the community taxpayer;
6. Deborah blue success Famennian: dry together! Hard work! Do your best!


Bodysuit, wearing a chest care, hip abdomen bundle legs effect, wearing a coat more prominent curve beautiful, back to break the original design, the use of adjustable shoulder belt vest design, wearing a corset at the same time can wear Large collar or halter-style fashion coat.

戴博蓝内衣:用爱编织美丽  让女人由内而外的丰满

Thickened mold cup design, a small chest can also wear cleavage; increased folder folder design, inclusive better ;. Invisible steel ring design makes the prop up effect better.

Deborah Blue brand culture theme idea: love (love, love, love, love ...)
1. Design concept: weaving beautiful love, serve the community.
2. Development ideas: focus on social needs, to meet the social needs.
3 functional ideas: the harmonious beauty of man and nature.
4. Emotional ideas: let the world full of love.
5. Image idea: actress "love" story, enhance "love" perception.
6 product ideas: to provide popular products.
7. Service concept: passion, professional, bring love to you.
8. Market idea: the market will always be a bridge of love.

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