Cotton prices soared to give birth to a new concept of clothing jeans shrink the number of pockets

As cotton prices have reached new heights, there will be more garments of blended fibers and synthetic fabrics on hangers next year.

Manufacturers issued warnings a few months ago that speculative purchases have exacerbated global cotton shortages and will lead to a 15% surge in retail prices by the end of 2010 or early 2011.

On Wednesday, US ICE cotton prices soared to a record high of $1.392/lb.

Despite warnings, Jones Group still shocked Wall Street last week, Jones Group complained that the cost of cotton led to the company's third-quarter profit decline. The company's shares fell by nearly 22%, although the company said that the price increase will reduce the loss of profits.

However, because the unemployment rate is still high and the economy has not yet recovered, people will not be willing to pay higher prices. Some people think that making product changes is a better solution.

According to Jeremy Rubman, partner at KurtSalmon, changing fabrics is a better approach.

He said that apparel manufacturers and retailers are looking for product lines, they are more inclined to fabric design, they are asking: "What leads to increased fabric costs, how can I guide suppliers to do better?"

Experts say that if done cleverly, consumers will not notice the difference.

The JaneGanes consultants said: "Instead of producing five pockets of jeans, you can produce two pockets of jeans. The sweatshirts can be capless. Therefore, you can use this method to make a profit. This is another source of distribution. , can extend the use of existing sources of use."

RichNoll, chief executive of underwear manufacturer Hannover, said that replacing cotton with chemical fiber is not a good idea because the cost of chemical fiber is also rising rapidly.

RichNoll said: "Polyester suppliers see what happened. They are constantly raising prices, polyester prices are expected to rise by 25%, and the current price is about 90 cents per pound."

This means that even if the company reduces the amount of cotton used to increase the amount of chemical fiber, it will face cost pressures.

Rising prices are expected to hit the industry in a wide range, as the impact of inflation will cover labor, transportation and raw materials, and some of the store's products will be hit by high prices.

Wool prices will increase more than T-shirts, while department store fines yarn prices will increase even more.

Due to tight inventory in Asia and strong demand, speculators, textile mills, and investment savvy purchases, so cotton prices have risen to historical highs. The cotton market has been rising for three months, and cotton prices have increased by nearly 80% since July.

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