Congratulations on the brand-name women's clothing store in Guangxi Yizhou grand opening

Summer is like a high fever, and autumn is the high fever slowly receded, in this season worth celebrating, the Department of Women's Clothing Yizhou, Guangxi is also a grand opening, the Department of Love Women's integration of Korean fashion design Industry advantages of the resources and the company's own operational strength, the Department of love quickly expand in the Chinese market to become the potential of the domestic ladies brand star market.



Department of women's clothing store in Yizhou, Guangxi store opened, will usher in a lot of traffic, but the Department of Love is still the fashion design of chiffon to interpret this fall, so Han Fan's clothing to create the entire cool autumn, so that pink The color, to win more girls love.



With the arrival of the fall, autumn also have a listing of new products, many summer are slowly off the shelf, but still there is still a refreshing summer style in the Department of love with the most fresh chiffon fabric, for the beauty of women to create belong My own set of chiffon

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