Clothing Shame Merino women's classic collision with fashion sparks

AESOMINO brand advocates the perfect combination of art and life and healthy design concept. The products are mainly made of medium and high-grade fabrics, emphasizing the richness and combination of product structure. AESOMINO, with its forward-looking and popular interpretation of classic fashion, Modern, national and world complement each other, to create each style are given unlimited creativity and vitality. In the ever-changing fashion brand style at home and abroad, AESOMINO adhere to the United States heart, with wisdom and inspiration outlined and tailored only my work, to create a stylish, elegant, classic, simple women's brand .


衣莎美诺女装 经典与时尚碰撞出的火花

Black forever indelible classic, black lace can make women more perfect, more sexy, women's personal charm fully demonstrated ease. More representative of the above two models of the brand positioning of the clothes: classic fashion simple elegance. Brand features: eclectic design, excellence, classic style is the ultimate pursuit of AESOMINO, demonstrated most vividly.

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