China's hottest fashion mommy ICON debut Fuzhou Wangfujing hot girl, hot mom, milk dad high turn the audience

October 24, 2013 China's hottest mom-and-garter ICON competition tour organized by China's maternity wear brand Oct Mummy in collaboration with 30 brands, including Lynx, Tencent and Green Box, took off in Fuzhou Wangfujing Department Store. The event has four links: hot hot girl hot dance, surprise hot mom show, interesting hot mom corrected father, giant benefit grandfather for Fuzhou audience to offer a wonderful and lively hot mom feast .

Activities at the scene, accompanied by the world's best music, hot red hot fresh girl jazz dance instantly let Wangfujing Department Store gathered Thursday evening super stream. At this moment, 16 hot girls with different styles selected through nearly a million fan votes boarded the stage to open the highlight of today's activities. Perhaps they do not have Zhong Lidi 88-56-88 proud measurements, there is no Zhao Wei's first big eye entertainment, there is no clear and refined Sun Li's fair skin beauty, there is no Yao Yan international full red lips smile, but in October Mommy With meticulous styling and costumes, mothers have also become confident and worldly-minded. They flick their hair, walk on their feet, turn their heads and twist their wrists, and let the 16-bit mother sparkle in tonight's super hot mom.

十月妈咪 - O.C.T.mami

Figure: hot girl jazz dance

中国最辣妈时尚ICON大赛首秀福州王府井 辣妹,辣妈,奶爸high翻全场

Figure: hot mom corrected Dad link

The most interesting and touching event in this event is the number of hot mom correcting the wrong link. Dad tied a huge fake dummy mom to pick up things, cautiously afraid to bend over, one of my dad seems to be afraid of the baby under the austerity of sweating sweat, so that the presence of crowd also worried Endless, but hot mom or sharp pointed Dad posture is wrong, bending from the front will hurt the baby. Daddy nod nodded to the crowd on the scene, said: "a little trick can be so difficult, what mothers are not easy, if the future if the wife and then pregnancy will be contracted all the housework." Live crowd applause instantly.

中国最辣妈时尚ICON大赛首秀福州王府井 辣妹,辣妈,奶爸high翻全场

Figure: hot mom show

After the wonderful scene of catwalk and interactive experience, October Mommy is full of meaning for all the mothers to bring the annual Super Deal.

Who said a woman when the mother no market, who said a woman thirty rubbish, who said pregnant pregnant should be stupid round house stupid? As long as you want to return to life, you are the stage of your own life in October "hot" mother! China's hottest mom waiting for you, brave sun, show yourself! Details of the event in October Mummy's official website.

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