Casual shirts enduring trendy plaything

茵曼 - Inman

Inman draws inspiration from the fashion aesthetic of fashion trends. Through the deconstruction and remodeling, patchwork and choice, installation and cutting and other changes, to show the ever-changing modern society. Capture different fabric stitching, a new interpretation of a unique avant-garde clothing grade.

休闲衬衫 经久不衰的潮流玩物

Hit color with X retro feelings

On weekends and aftershocks, listen to retro music and wake up your ears. In a nostalgic atmosphere, vivid colors light up the old days and freeze the beautiful moments with the camera. Printing on the bright shirt is particularly outstanding.

休闲衬衫 经久不衰的潮流玩物

New products: national wind long-sleeved flowers

Almost every year in the fashion arena can see the shirt figure, no matter what kind of trend shows, and ultimately up to people's heart good. The original simple shirt because of ethnic ethnic printing, unique Yin Man features, with a sense of literary impact avant-garde fashion, simple version of the design, upper body effect is to the extreme.

休闲衬衫 经久不衰的潮流玩物

Same color with X elegant clear

Even bleak autumn, but also need a touch of fresh colors to fill the bleak season. The same color with the most sophisticated with the foundation, low profile but with a consistent personality, literature and art, bloom the wonderful opening of the fall.

休闲衬衫 经久不衰的潮流玩物

New: splicing wave dot shirt

Wave elements are used by designers to a variety of single product, the delicate wave filled in the army green shirt, retro taste interpretation to the extreme. Small tip collar design, simple personality. Polka Dot and solid color splicing, literary style is more rich, weekend shopping, daily work is a good choice.

休闲衬衫 经久不衰的潮流玩物

With the same color with casual X

It is not easy to be able to wear the very popular white style. White shirt rampant era, always have to wear a number of unique personality. Casual pants, boots, canvas bag, make your own fashion more easy to wear.

休闲衬衫 经久不衰的潮流玩物

New products: solid color simple shirt

The fringe and cuffs of small fringe decoration, for the white shirt literary and personality to add persuasion, while the flu doubled. White cotton linen texture stand out in all the style of the material shirt, writing a new chapter for the literary temperament, wild, simple and generous, the nature of personality, will certainly make it much loved.

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