Cashmere sweater custom cleaning makes clothes beautiful as new


A beautiful smart woman not only needs to know clothes, but also knows that love comes back. Buy a beautiful high-grade cashmere sweater, the price is not cheap, wear in the body will also have extraordinary temperament, we naturally hope to make cashmere sweater custom longer to maintain beautiful, so too casual clean, let us share some pure cashmere sweater Sweater cleaning knowledge, let us be a kind woman.

First, wholesale cashmere sweaters to avoid machine washing and dry cleaning, because the cashmere fiber elastic and smooth, easy to use machine wash to destroy the type of clothing, destroy the clothes to complete, and dry cleaning chemicals will damage the cashmere fiber. So how do you wash a pure cashmere sweater? Of course, the best thing is to wash your hands. Into the appropriate amount of neutral detergent warm water, soak for a period of time according to the degree of stains on the clothes, avoid using hot water, so as not to cause cashmere sweater agent clothes shrink. After soaking, gently rub it with your hands and do not rub it.

Second, when the cashmere sweater wholesalers try to avoid twisting and cleaning, they can press a little news or put it in the water basin. Cashmere sweater joined after dehydration, but must use the washing machine's laundry bag before dehydration, so do not make the clothes deformation and lose flexibility.

Finally dry, cashmere sweater custom sweaters do not hang on a hanger, dry, avoid direct sunlight intensity. We can tile it on the table in the open air. If there is heating in the room, then lying on the sofa is also easy to dry, basically no ironing. If there is a slight variation, then wet the towel and gently press it.

Cashmere is soft, delicate, smooth and moist, and it retains its characteristics as long as it is properly cleaned. Some of my happy appearance wool sweaters are custom-made cashmere too clean, washed many times and still maintain the original luster and elasticity, and can also see that I'm buying high-quality goods pure cashmere sweater, cashmere content, if you want your cashmere After the shirts are beautifully washed like new clothes, first of all, choose a good brand cashmere sweater.

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