Carpe Diem Dain wild "underwear fast fashion concept" debut in Shenzhen underwear show

May 9 - May 11, Dai An Jubilee 2014 Shenzhen underwear show M13 booth. Carpe Diem Daine, the first fashion underwear brand in China to introduce the concept of "underwear fast fashion", is the first fashion brand to introduce "operation mode of apparel terminal" under the channel innovation of underwear! With unique style and bold idea , Opened up the underwear fashion wild business model precedent!

Carpe Diem Daine's mission is to promote the wonderful and beautiful life. As she came from the ancient Greek poetry literal translation "in a timely manner"; and Oriental culture is more willing to understand her as "living in the moment."

Carpe Diem 黛恩百搭“内衣快时尚概念”亮相深圳内衣展

The Daimin interprets her as "loving the present." No matter what we believe in, life always has this bank and the other side, or we believe that we are experiencing causal reincarnations like this one. "Grasp the present, live today, The Endless Color of Life "is the belief that the Deane brand always upholds.

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