betu × Tong Liya × Iraq Week shooting summer fashion large encounter early summer love

Romantic early summer, betu and Iraq Zhou Tong Liya, symphonic artistic inspiration full of love, bringing beautiful fashion blockbuster. For more details, please see "Iraq Week" April 22, 2014 issue.

Spring and early summer early summer, the fashion brand Betu hand in hand with the sun goddess Tong Liya, tracing the art master style, full of "love" to continue the art Imagination, summer in the summer with you encounter. Love art, love fashion, love life, love ...... Betu advocated "love" will be betu and Tong Liya tied together, let us follow the Yaya to capture the love of summer, the shadow of art, write love of early summer overture.

In "Yi Zhou", "betu and art Tong line, encounter the love of early summer," a large fashion, Tong Liya hit black and white patriotic Puff Sleeve blouse and black Puff skirt, interpretation of retro elegant fashion style. Retro umbrella-type Puff skirt, the use of the popular metal texture fabrics this season, emitting shining sheen, full of modern sense.

In the wave of stripes between the dance, geometric abstract splicing, changing lively yet elegant geometric world, the classic black and white collision macrocrachium, retro outline beautiful outline of the shoulder and waist curve ... modern sense of geometry , Striped retro sense of the wave point of the sense of movement, playing love full of summer beats.

betu ×佟丽娅×伊周拍摄夏季时尚大片 邂逅初夏之爱

Sunny early summer afternoon, the elegant goddess Tong Li wearing a cool macaron color betu dress walking the streets, relaxed and playful wave jacquard fabric, exquisite elegant skirt shape and modern three-dimensional flower bud skirt design, add one more Smart, as early summer fashion breeze, refreshing.

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