Beautiful stilettos calculate that it is best to wear a few centimeters to buy shoes at 4 o'clock in the afternoon

Cathy Kerry, a professor of physical therapy and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School in the United States, wrote an article in the British Medical Journal a few days ago that after testing, the pressure index of knee joints was 26 when wearing thin heeled shoes. twenty two. However, if the rough-heeled shoes are worn for a long time, the actual pressure on the knee joint is not small. So, how can we wear high heels to show graceful figure without affecting health? Listen to expert advice.

Grasp the time to buy shoes is best to buy high heels in the afternoon three or four o'clock, because the body down the body's lymph fluid will be accumulated in the lower body, 5% more than other time, if it is long-term standing, the lymph will increase more than 8%; Therefore, the size of the best choice can be more or less. In addition, it is best to try to walk for 5 minutes to ensure that the shoes are truly suitable and comfortable. With soft arched insteps and high heels, you can place a soft insole at the arch to reduce the pressure on your soles.

In addition, the heel height should not be too high, and the heel should not be too thin, otherwise it is difficult to stably support the weight. The toecap is best not to be too narrow, so that the soles of the feet and toes can breathe. Women who like to wear high heels on different occasions should not walk more than 2 hours to avoid affecting their health. Women in Europe and the United States also like to wear high heels, but they are very careful to protect their feet, must wear cloth shoes to walk, there are important occasions and then put on high heels. Reduce body weight If you wear sandal-type high heels, wear high heels, avoid heavy objects or backpacks, to reduce the center of gravity and reduce the chance of falling. The foot often massage often do foot massage, can relieve the ligament pressure, but also promote blood circulation, avoid foot and leg pain.

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Researchers at the British Physical Society recently presented a formula: h=Q(12+3s/8).

The h in the formula represents the maximum height of the heel in cm. Q represents a social factor. Its value is either 0 or 1, which is determined by comprehensive calculations based on factors such as whether high-heeled shoes will make you look taller, the length of your heels, the price of your heels, whether your heels are fashionable, and whether you used to drink before. s stands for the shoe number.

Using this formula, the researchers calculated the heel height of the high-heeled shoes that Kelly should wear in the TV show “Sex and the City”: When she was awake, wearing a pair of 12.5cm high heels was no problem, but she drank 6 glasses. After the cocktail, her heel height should definitely not exceed 2cm.

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