BBLLUUEE pink blue business women's fashion highlights the inherent temperament of white-collar women

Intellectual and elegant business fashion is the main product line of "BBLLUUEE", but it also presents the classic and atmospheric elements in a fashionable fashion. It does not reject the fashion trendy colors but always keeps a large amount of khaki, gray and white , Black and other intellectual neutral color, highlighting the urban white-collar women's inherent qualities and quality of life.


No gorgeous decoration, no exquisite accessories, charm from the inside, coupled with self-cultivation cut, wearing the upper body feel great, elegant Shu Yuan, with the belt, highlighting the feminine waist, full of elegant, feminine .

BBLLUUEE粉蓝商务时尚女装  彰显白领女性的内在气质

A touch of luxury, rich texture, long vest both warm and handsome, gorgeous feeling not publicity; chest leopard bow embellishment, belt design, to avoid the bloody fur itself, to create a waistline , Highlighting the perfect posture of women!

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