Baoyingchang small diamond jewelry meets the needs of the mass market

With the enthusiasm of jewelry consumption in recent years, diamonds also seem to be an indispensable piece of jewelry for every woman. In the face of the contradiction between the high price of big diamonds and the limited consumption power of ordinary consumers, Baoyingchang of Shuibei International Jewelry Trading Center mainly focuses on small diamonds, and cooperates with fashionable design and good crafts to make up for market vacancies.

Small diamond jewelry

In the Baoyingchang exhibition hall, the reporter saw hundreds of 18K gold diamond bracelets shining, and the 18K gold diamond ring and diamond earrings are also very impressive.

According to relevant personages of Baoyingchang, Baoyingchang has been engaged in the design, production and processing of diamond jewelry for many years. Because the diamond itself has a high value and is deeply loved by consumers, Baoyingchang is committed to developing small diamond jewelry to satisfy more consumers. As the diamond jewelry consumers are mainly young and fashionable women, Baoyingchang also pays more attention to fashion and simplicity in product style.

The staff of the exhibition hall showed that although some bracelets were set with dozens of small diamonds, due to the careful selection, the diamonds of the whole bracelet are very close in color, and the whole is unified and coordinated, showing a very high grade. In terms of craftsmanship, K-K white separation and micro-inlaying techniques are also very mature and refined.

In addition, Baoyingchang's product prices are also competitive. According to the staff, Baoyingchang has always pursued the principle of “compared to diamonds, specific styles, specific processes, and price”, so the equivalent products have relatively higher cost performance.

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