Ankle strap shoes to restore the novelty of summer wear

Ben Wang, May 29 hearing, the fashion that withstands the test of time is the classic, the feng shui of the fashion circle always turns, the mother's favorite ankle strap shoes back in childhood! The designer's reinterpretation is a perfect blend of popular elements of the moment, creating a new ankle lace-up shoe that is wrapped around the slender ankles, making you full of sexy!

Very comfortable word with sandals, thick with the design, and not very high, so even if there is no thick waterproof platform to wear it will not be too tired, simple and sexy design, very wild.

The high-heeled sandals with a simple design are simple and sexy. The design of the slightly sloped heel is comfortable, and it has a unique personality and a sense of uniqueness. It is beautiful to wear with pants or skirts.

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