Aiken and Jasonwood: Subtraction around sex

In the numerous denim products of Taobao, people should not forget their brands, they must simplify the brand positioning and style, leaving the most attractive one. Here Iken and Jasonwood, from a different perspective, strive to be able to make an interpretation of the brand.

In 2010, Xiang Hao and four other partners decided to enter the Taobao market to create online brands. However, what kind of target brands actually plagued them for more than half a year.

In June, they registered and established Taiai Apparel (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and opened a flagship store at Tmall Mall, mainly women's wear, and served as COO of Aiken Jeans. In the face of such a fierce competition in the women's wear market, it is not easy to be embarrassed. It is even harder to obtain a glass of cake in the Red Sea.

All things step by step, do not worry slowly walk. In fact, Aiken did not rush to promote the brand, but rather devoted themselves to building up a team. In the store, they put a few styles to try the entire market reaction.

The tepid business unexpectedly led Xiang Xu to see new business opportunities. In the small number of sales across the entire store, jeans dominated and they began to pay attention to this category.

Simplify keywords

"Before the Aiken, the cowboy was a market vacancy for Taobao. This vacancy was not referring to the commodity but to the brand." In Xiang Zi's words, "The denim market was basically chaotic."

There are tens of thousands of products on Taobao's search for cowboys. Except LEE, Levi's, these foreign big-name imitations, are some unknown cheap cowboys. Native Taobao original jeans brands are almost blank.

With the continuous increase in sales of Taobao, major brands have begun to attach importance to the goods left at the factory. For example, the extra fabrics and samples will be strictly controlled so as not to re-enter the online market. Obviously, the era of small sellers relying on sources of gold has quietly left, and the online market is gradually becoming more brand-name.

Although the cowboy is a subdivision area, it includes jeans, denim shirts, and denim skirts. The market size cannot be ignored. In addition, the cowboy has little seasonal influence and can be sold throughout the year, and there is no light season. Cowboys can change with colors and fabrics as the season changes. For example, the color of jeans in spring will slowly transition from deep to light, and in the summer, heavy fabrics can become light and thin.

That being the case, why not create an online denim brand?

In 2011, only one thing was done to the Yihe team - keep doing the subtraction. In the innumerable denim products of Taobao, people should not forget their brand, they must simplify the brand positioning and style, leaving one of the most attractive keywords.

In the end, sexy cowboys became the brand style of love Kenden.

Based on the sexy, love Ken choose to use the upper body exposed model, the feeling is not particularly exposed and enchanting. The general jeans show will be outfitted with tops, but Aken believes that since it is necessary to represent jeans, it is necessary to omit the tops that will detract from consumers' eyes.

For a time, this fresh product display style brought new feelings on Taobao, attracted many consumers' curiosity, and made Aiken Cowboy a synonym for sexy.

Fighting cowboy blue sea

A closer look will reveal that in 2011, it was the first year of an online denim brand.

In Tmall, a group of Taobao original denim brands such as Aiken and Right Road began to take off, and the offline jeans brands Levi's and Jasonwood also started to pay attention to the Taobao market and they tried the waterline.

Almost at the same time as Aiken, Jasonwood Tmall flagship store officially opened. Soon after, the chairman of the board of directors Jasonwood Hong Zilin discovered that the products and prices below the line are difficult to adapt to the online market. Online consumers pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness and must provide independent development space for online users.

Hong Zilin belongs to the predecessors of the Chinese cowboy industry.

As early as 1988, Hong Zilin's cowboy world was famous in the vicinity of Hangzhou's most prosperous Lung Cheung. It mainly sells foreign trade jeans, such as the most popular apples and blue Veyron jeans.

No one thought that Hung Zilin’s work in the cowboy industry was 24 years.

In 1997, Hong Zilin decided to register his own trademark, named Jasonwood. In 2000, insisting that my clothing (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. was formally established, as in the true portrayal of Hong Zilin, in an industry has always insisted on their choice and focus on denim.

Subsequently, Hung Zilin renamed the previously existing “Cowboy World” stores to Jasonwood. And began to attract investment to join, really run this cowboy brand. Today, Jasonwood already has more than 400 offline stores.

Even today, Jasonwood has not become a national brand and can only be regarded as a regional brand. Its main influence is in East China. For them, entering the online market is not only a supplement to the channels, but also promotes the brand's popularity to the whole country.

Like most traditional brands, Jasonwood treats online as a way to handle inventory. Even so, in September 2011, Hong Zilin still chose to separate the e-commerce department and set up Hangzhou to stick to my e-commerce company.

After working in this company for 14 years, Cao Mingzhi has become the competent director of Hong Zilin. He is very familiar with the company and the consumers. Since then, he has served as director of the online department of Jasonwood.

Cao Ming tried to sell the style products under the line to the online sales, to continue the brand's inherent style, but sales are very unsatisfactory. In his view, it is difficult to unify online and offline, and online consumers need to be trained.

Indeed, consumers in offline stores pay more attention to product quality and design, as well as the atmosphere of the entire store decoration and clothing mix. Online customers mostly rely on price as the dominant factor, and online products do not have a direct sense of touch. Can pass the picture.

Moreover, online collocation sales are relatively weak, not because of different colors, styles, and recommendations, but more still remain in A product portfolio B products can get C prices, the final placement is still cheaper.

Give you an experience

In 2011, Aiken aimed at the denim market's full-scale assault, and emerged on Taobao with astonishing development speed.

Different from Jasonwood's traditional background, the goal is very clear. They are optimistic about the online market, so there is a pile of money to be an online brand. In the founding team of five Aiken people, almost everyone can be in charge of one, and more people are familiar with the traditional clothing enterprise supply chain.

Aiken did not start with the original brand of the market, but directly explored the mall. From the first day of the cat's on-line visit, Aiken did not go to the market to take the goods, but they were all looking for factories to design and produce. There was no sales at the beginning, but only one or two hundred products were produced for each product. Even with such small quantities, there was still concern that they could not be sold.

Why not make the transition from the market first? Xiang Yan firmly explained: "Our starting point may not be the same, has not been sold according to the idea of ​​the bazaar, because once it becomes a brand to sell goods, is not more worried?"

Less willing to ask for love, Ken decided to break the deadlock through a deal, in order to give consumers a love-seeking experience.

Applying to participate, and then failing, this was two things that were frequently experienced at the time. Until April, Aiken first participated in the special deal. At that time, the price of the denim shorts that participated in the special deal was generally around 40 yuan, and the price of Aiken was It's 79 yuan. With regard to this pricing, Taobao’s staff is not optimistic and believes that consumers may not buy it twice as much as similar products.

Did not expect to go online for an hour, 5,000 inventories will be swept away, so that Xie Xi is not overjoyed. The surprise was far more than that. A few days later, the customer's evaluation made the Aiken team full of morale. Thousands of orders received a dynamic score of 4.9 points. This shows that consumers are recognized for product quality.

For Aiken, it regards the cost-effectiveness as a channel for accumulating old customers. To Tan said frankly: "The sale of poly-bargaining is not the focus of our concern. We are concerned with attracting new customers." Consumers do not accept Aiken, in fact, because only one experience is lost, as long as they break the psychological barriers and have been successful. Try to cultivate loyalty.

At present, we only pay attention to two data, one is the customer's second return rate, when the Aiken high reached 45% to 50%, when the low is about 35%, he believes that when the ratio of new and old customers reaches 1:1 At the time, the brand was only a brand.

Another data is the search volume of the “Aiken Jeans” brand keyword. From the current data, the search volume of Aiken Denim is 6-8 times that of competitive brands. The basic details of all the keywords that can be injected into the "Aiken Cowboys" are as clear as possible.

Take commodity keywords as an example. Before Aiken was similar to other brands, first put the English name of Aiken Brand in front of them, such as “aiken Aiken 2012 Fall New Products”, but few consumers came in through search keywords. . Xiang Lu discovered that consumers would not read it from beginning to end. The only valuable words are the first four words. Using English aiken is equivalent to wasting the most direct keyword. Domestic consumers still feel more direct about Chinese. .

After that, "Aiken Cowboys" became the beginning of all the keywords of the goods. Not only that, Aiken’s advertisement also directly reads “Aiken Jeans.” Even if communicating with the outside world, Xiang Xiang only says “Aiken Cowboy”, and even Wangwangming is “Aiken Cowboy”. He wants to This keyword has penetrated into all aspects. In the long run, the brand will slowly shape itself.

"When someone is constantly searching for Aiken, and someone is constantly buying Aiken's products, this brand is considered to be reliable."

Aiken thinks that the traffic is very healthy. 30% of them rely on free traffic. The traffic that flows through the search for Aiken Cowboy enters the store accounted for 35% to 40%. The remaining 40% of the traffic is based on consumers' Taobao Favorites and domain search. Such as autonomous traffic, the last 30% is paid traffic, including through trains, diamond booths and so on.

Simple sales account for the bulk

According to incomplete statistics, the entire cowboy market in Taobao is about 5 billion. In fact, the size of the existing denim market simply cannot give an authoritative statistic. In addition to the professional denim brand LEE, Levi's, in the clothing brands of Only, Jack Jones, etc., jeans have become an indispensable category, becoming a necessity of life.

Although denim is a subdivision area, it covers a wide range of consumer groups. The wild cowboy can satisfy all kinds of customer needs. Whether it is wearing down coats, coats, or canvas shoes or high heels, jeans can be found. This is the magic of cowboys.

Denim is not limited to jeans, but also includes denim trench coats, denim shirts, etc., love Ken next year also plans to try to do a denim suit.

Although the shape of the cowboy is numerous, in fact, whether it is love Ken or Jasonwood, without exception, the product focus on the simple five bags. The popular jeans that are popular under the line, such as exaggerated holes, layered patches, etc., are rarely seen online.

Professionals believe that the current online market is still in the stage of enlightenment. There is no such atmosphere, and the more it has a sense of design, the more complex the process, directly leading to high prices, consumers will certainly not buy it. Therefore, brand owners will design simple models as far as possible on the basis of quality assurance, which will not only cost less, but also be closer to consumers and increase the volume of orders.

In fact, most of the explosives sold on Taobao are simple models, because simple models are easy to take; second is, the simpler the process, the lower the cost of washing water, and can provide consumers with more cost-effective products.

Taking jeans as an example, the biggest cost of a trouser is the fabric and the washing process. Among them, fabrics accounted for more than 35% of the cost of the entire jeans, and the washing process fluctuates with the ease of design. Generally, the cost of washing water accounts for 20% to 35%.

The so-called washing cost is essentially the time cost. Complex craftsmanship has increased the time each worker spends. To produce a good product, one has to work slowly and slowly. One worker does 100 clothes a day and 10 clothes a day. The quality is certainly not the same.

It is because of the difference between jeans and other fast-fashionable clothing, which is simple, and the requirements for fashion are not high, so some simple models of classic jeans can be sold continuously for many years.

Based on this, it is actually more feasible for Jasonwood to sell inventory online than other brands. Other fashion brands, popular elements in off-season products tend to become synonymous with outdated, but simple models make it difficult for people to notice inventory.

Therefore, the stock pressure on jeans is not great. Cowboys have low requirements for new products, and they do not belong to the fast fashion category. They do not need to be new every week. Even the line of Levi's, the classic models are handfuls, which is the limitations of the entire trousers. Tops can be ever-changing, but trousers have certain limitations.

From a commercial point of view, inventory needs to be quickly digested in order to return funds and allow the capital chain to function healthily. From another point of view, cowboys have low design costs and small inventory pressure. This year's funds will still be available for sale next year, with little change.

In the future, Jasonwood will try some strong design products to slowly guide consumers. Such products will not run but just want consumers to feel the atmosphere.

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