adidas SLVR series launched SML concept training shoes

SLVR series of adidas introduced the latest color SML concept training shoes, this can be clearly seen that the direction of innovation is the design of the spindle. SML concept training shoes SML concept training shoes SML concept training shoes SML concept training shoes in the middle of the midsole there is a small channel that allows the entire shoe folded up in the long journey on foot coordination of sports is quite helpful. The combination of lightweight leather and mesh material design, let the shoe body is quite light, so that you will not have to carry a burden. Now take a look at the details of this pair of shoes.

Our home slippers are main used in textile materials for upper,lining and insole,even sole for some styles.

The textile materials are usually including microfiber,terry,soft terry,kniited,jersey,check,felt,pile,croal fleece,corduroy,pulsh and so on.Each material have so many colors that it makes all people love them.

The outsole are usually used in TPR,EVA,PVC or Textile Fabric.

All home slippers are mainly for comfort and warmth in home.Also some styles can be worn in outdoor.

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