According to Minu casual fashion apparel store opened in Yuncheng in Shanxi Province

According to Minu casual fashion store in Shanxi Yuncheng store grand opening, welcome to the vast number of consumers to visit! "Eminu (eminu)" is Hong Yue company successfully operating high-grade fashion casual clothing brand. Since its establishment in 1996, it has been moving toward the goal of "creating the brand of EMINU (10 photos) of China's fashion and casual wear," and has taken the lead in introducing "franchise" model in the domestic apparel industry. Brand chain management. In 28 provinces and cities in the country set up three branches, more than 20 distributors, opened nearly 2,000 stores; huge sales network covering China, Taiwan and most parts of Southeast Asia. With "solid strength, quality products, perfect service, a unified image" has won the recognition and recognition of our customers, consumers have a high reputation. According to Mi Nuoxi fashion casual dress store opened in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province According to Mi Nu slave located in the field of leisure, take the popular line to urban young men and women as the main consumer groups, "entertainment marketing" laid a solid foundation. Traditional marketing techniques seem outdated in the context of an oversupply market and a vast product market. It is imperative to conduct differentiated operations to meet people's increasingly pressing emotional needs. According to milan - China's most comfortable life casual clothes, the engine of "entertainment marketing" banner, in an elegant manner leader in the fashion industry. By Minion respected young people: personal flying. Walk through unfamiliar cities and fly. According to Minu casual fashion apparel store grand opening in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, in 1994, Dongguan Hong Yue Garment Co., Ltd. in Dongguan, China's clothing city was officially established. It is a collection clothing design, development, production, sales, brand management, service as one of the major clothing brand entities. In 1996, "EMINU" became the first successful apparel brand in Dongguan. In 2005, "Minmetals" successively won the honors of "National Inspection-free Product", "Famous Brand Product of Guangdong Province" and "Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province". The overall competitiveness of the brand has been greatly enhanced. Its market popularity, reputation and customer loyalty Degree reached a new height. In 2006, according to the 10th anniversary of the brand development of Mino, brand positioning began again. At the end of 2007, according to the opening of the image flagship store of Taiwan in the image of Meenu and the cooperation of retailers in Jordan and other countries, the company officially marks the pace of expanding overseas markets by the company. In 2008, Minmetals completed the construction of a first-class industrial park in southern China and utilized advantageous resources to solidify the industrial base, further standardizing and scaling up its business operations. In 2009, Dongguan City Star Industrial Co., Ltd. was formally established. EMINU initially completed the product restructuring and style transformation, high-grade fashion casual wear began to enter the market; in 2010, EMINU fully completed the product restructuring and style transformation, and continuous access to "China's most influential fashion brand clothing" , "China's best-selling apparel brand" and other awards; 2011, EMINU contrarian, ushered in a new round of peak expansion, the number of stores to climb again and again, the number of new orders hit record highs; the same year, Yang Mi to join, as EMINU laid the foundation for the development of new brands; 2012, EMINU will extend the development of new brands based on the original brand EMINU to further enhance the added value of products, EMINU brand into the track of sustainable development; According to Minu Fashion Casual Dress Yuncheng Monopoly The grand opening of the store At present, the "m-slave" brand has set up three branches in 28 provinces and cities across the country, more than 20 general agents, has opened more than 2,000 stores; a huge sales network covering mainland China, Taiwan, The Middle East and most parts of Southeast Asia. In the product development, "according to m slave" to "create high-quality high-end fashion casual wear" for the design concept, to convey the modern city of casual culture at all times, the establishment of training a group of highly professional design team, And in Hong Kong, Europe and the United States and other regions set up a number of product development cooperation site. In the promotion of brand image, "My-minu" has successively applied for film and television superstar An Asahi, Stephen Fung, Hong Kong Queen Sister Joey Yung, idol man B0Y'Z and popular youth idol star Ming Tao, youth idol star Ming Tao and popular film star Tian Yang Mi as Product endorsement. Product endorsement. Leveraging the stars, continue to inject new vitality into the brand, transmission of new brand concept. In the image design, the company has a professional planning and design team, combined with the latest brand store image strategy for the terminal stores in the country to provide a unified and professional image design, advertising and event planning programs to distinctive store image, warm Shop atmosphere, caring, efficient service, quickly enhance brand awareness and reputation.

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