ABC children's products to become Tencent children, Sina parenting strategic partner

In July 2013, ABC, the leading brand of children's products in China, joined hands with to become the "Sina Parenting Strategic Partner" and reached a "Sina + Weibo" dual-platform strategy. This has become a major new hot spot in the children's products industry in China. It is also another major step taken by ABC Children's Wear in joining hands with Tencent Children's strategic partners and once again arousing widespread concern in the industry and the media. Seize the advantage of children's online media resources As the "fourth media" after the newspapers, radio and television of the media, online media will better integrate all kinds of resources and focus more on traditional media users. Therefore, in recent years, many brand communication strategies gradually from traditional media to online media, new media transition, and gradually formed a trend. At present, ABC Children's Wear takes the lead in the children's products industry to open network marketing "strategic cooperation" mode, not only out of the stereotypes of traditional media marketing, the new marketing for the industry to make a positive contribution to the exploration. It is reported that in June this year, ABC children's clothing launched a strategic partnership with Tencent's children's channel, Tencent Kids Channel for the ABC children's clothing to create "tide child" section, was officially launched in Children's Day, followed by another in July Sina parenting reached a strategic cooperation, which is ABC children's clothing pre-emptive advantage of children's online media key initiatives. As we all know, Sina and Tencent, Sohu, Netease and known as "China's four major portals," has a "Internet CCTV-class media platform," said. Sina parenting Sina parental authority is the parenting media, the user mainly in the 25 to 34-year-old ethnic groups, these users legitimate child-bearing age or the parents of newborns, they are very focused on child care, hoping to give the baby the most professional Care, but also like the pursuit of fashion and quality, with strong economic strength and spending power, and ABC children's clothing is very consistent with the target consumer groups. The main audience of Tencent Children's Channel not only children, more is concerned about the healthy growth of children's parents. Sina parenting, Tencent children are two major platforms with ABC children's clothing potential core consumer groups have a very high degree of fit and consistency. ABC Children's Wear has reached strategic cooperation with Tencent Children, Sina Parenting and other advantageous online media successively to provide a platform for ABC Children's full-scale and stereoscopic communication and increase exposure, and at the same time, ABC Children's Wear will break through traditional media.桎 梏, to achieve differential communication, to achieve the best results. "Dual-platform strategy" to enhance brand value The ABC children's clothing and Sina reached a "dual-platform strategy" that Sina Parenting Channel, Sina Kids channel will focus on ABC children's clothing, Sina microblogging will also be tailored for the ABC children's clothing Heavy to create multiple interactive activities, and more than ten times the promotion support. Through the cooperation with Sina and Sina, ABC children's clothing will provide the platform for children to express their ideas freely in play, help parents to guide their children easily, and help children to establish a correct aesthetic and outlook on life exchange platform. Adhering to the brand of "love because of ABC" advocated by ABC brand Advocated subtly implanted children and their parents mind. In fact, as early as 2011, ABC has launched Sina Weibo. ABC Children's Wear has made great efforts to create brand new media promotion cases and succeeded in creating Weibo with an effective communication with the outside world such as media, brands, non-profit organizations, fans and opinion leaders Vector. Since ABC Sina Weibo successfully conducted the ABC "Meng Zhu", ABC Creator Micro Life, ABC Creativity Contest with Xiandaren and other in-depth activities of parents and children groups, and integrated a number of "Million Micro Bo "" childcare microblogging "" hot mom microblogging "" sticky fans "and other Weibo resources. In the future cooperation with Sina Weibo, Sina Weibo will form a multi-channel interworking with Sina Parenting, through which we can build a strong marketing channel for ABC Kids and enhance the activity and viscosity of ABC Sina Weibo fans in an all-round way , For ABC children's clothing, parents, children ease out an effective way. Insiders pointed out: ABC children's clothing Sina to carry out the "Sina + microblogging" dual-platform strategy, strategic cooperation and communication with Tencent to form a media resource, the crowd segments and other advantages complement each other, I believe this cooperation will give ABC children's clothing Branding added a touch of color. At present, more than 80 million Internet users in China are emerging as a force that can not be ignored on the Internet. With the cooperation of ABC Children's Wear and Sina, Tencent Children's Exploration of a new model of Internet marketing for children is undoubtedly a new direction for the development of the industry.

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