90 cashmere down jacket you make it? Star Mom also want this one

As a focus on the child into a future international star mother, the most basic needs of children to pick clothes is: wear back body to the United States! Apart from summer wear, winter clothes should be more critical, color, style, tailoring, materials, thickness, everything is important. Something less than meet the requirements, destroyed not only the body type, there are temperament. Reading "clothing" innumerable, naturally there is such a mind. Ah, no more nonsense to say, on the map, yes, that is one of the 90 down jacket Baku Cola home. Speaking of it, the material can be generous! A selection of high-quality 90 white duck down, high density velvet white soft, fluffy and elegant form. This touch is closely related with the strict selection process. After screening, high-temperature sterilization, degreasing, hair removal and other multi-channel processes, only to achieve the choice of Bakora home material standards, not only to be warm and tightly locked, and feel rich to abundance. Filling process is also grinding, using the first method of sewing after filling cashmere, down to maintain a better uniform state of expansion, to avoid stitching the seam seam cashmere condition, reducing the "heat sink." It is also worth noting cuffs and hem shrinkage design, ergonomic tailoring, so that clothes fit the curve of the body, which is where it can self-cultivation secret. Multi-color optional, each color is like a candy delight, put on its children in the winter snow jump, smart like a squirrel jumping between the branches. Being a discerning mother, I was very picky about the clothes, because I often picked up a piece of art to find out about it in a series of installations, and then I was presented with a completely different world. The company is located in:

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