2014 summer classic collocation treasure blue and white mold workplace

The most classic summer 2014 color match is the combination of white and sapphire blue. Whether it is graduating college students, or urban workplace beauty, such color matching is not only secure yet stylish. Pure wild white, calm noble extravagance, the two sets, it is a natural fit. Ni Er wheat ladies for your demonstration with.


Perhaps the same white shirt, perhaps the same stand-up button, but this shirt advanced cutting technology, exquisite splicing, self-cultivation version, comfortable fabrics are instantly upgrade the grade. Blue sun flower embellishment lit the whole. Paladin package with hip skirt, knee length, it is suitable for workplace dress up standards. The overall temperament.

2014夏季经典搭配 宝蓝色与白色塑造职场范

Sleeveless blue chiffon shirt, blue in the tube pants, leaving a calm and noble workplace female image. Lightweight fabric, comfortable and soft, set off the spirit of a woman with Fan. With a small white suit, 尽显 white-collar temperament. A pair of heeled shoes about seven centimeters, so that your moment gas field rose.

Photo credit: NI Er wheat Women

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