2013 MO & Co apparel MO-art Summer Camp officially departs

With the 40 children's laughter, by the MO & Co. Women's organizations MO-art summer camp last Saturday officially set sail! After 3 years, MO-art Program came to the fourth year. This year, we embrace the goal of fulfilling a Beijing dream for our children. We will take the train to Beijing together with our children for a weeklong art summer camp. Visit Tiananmen Square, Science and Technology Museum, Tsinghua University North Institute will bring them to feel the atmosphere. Let us focus on MO-art2013, from here, gathered positive energy for every person who has love, tell the children in trouble together: "Please continue to dream! Dreams never end ......"

Lens 1_ departure to Beijing!




Backpack wave point small bag, 40 from poor orphans in Guangdong Province, under the leadership of MO-art loving volunteer team, the mighty sat on the train to Beijing! For the first time, I left my home for the first time on a train and went to Beijing for the first time. The children said excitedly, "I can not sleep tonight."

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