Magical jade material

The jade material is quite amazing. It has various shapes, various skins, various sizes, various textures and various colors. Some raw materials are cut into many pieces, and the internal texture and color are unobstructed. This kind of material is called “bright ma-----

Buy a sofa when you look at it

Choosing a sofa should be "inspected" by multiple parties Some readers ask: the solid wood sofa looks very high-end, the stylish leather sofa is bright, but the price is not cheap. Is it a solid wood sofa or a leather fashion sofa? An expert put forward his own opinions for the reader-----

Clothing "inventory problem" must be correctl…

China's garment industry has achieved rapid development and great progress. It has long maintained its position as the world's largest clothing producing country and exporting country. However, since the second half of 2012, it has faced shrinking international markets, slowdown in-----