Let's wear a loving parent-child wear with my daugh…

The launch of the major parent-child program aroused a wave of parent-child equipment, so that more and more 80, 90 after the young parents fell in love with the warm love of parent-child equipment, that today Xiaobian also brought a few Mother and daughter models loaded, if your home just has a b-----

When "pineapple" meets the summer U/TI. Youhe…

This series is inspired by the tropical style, using natural vision to incorporate the pineapple pattern into the fashion design, using a more clean and soft tone to convey the relaxed recreation of the resort and relaxed and concise young fashion, showing the joyful summer between playfulness and -----

The essence of stone - chalcedony

Chalcedony has always been regarded as the essence of jade. It is said that it is formed by the condensate of jade. The chalcedony has fine particles. The main mineral component is cryptocrystalline quartz. The shape and size are different. The gloss is mostly glass or wax-----

How to build a Chinese luxury brand

China has one of the world's largest luxury goods markets, attracting a global audience of 133 million middle class, and this number is still rising, and they are quite young and have a strong consumer enthusiasm. And according to relevant forecasts, China will grow in-----